Ladies - this is a chance to let you dabble in the adult industry so that you can evaluate whether or not this
type of work is for you, without going to the extent of having full sex for the cameras.

We are looking for some pretty ladies between the ages of 18 - 80, who are prepared to be videod topless
whilst wanking a guy until he comes.

The Legal Bit

There are certain aspects of the law which we must comply with in order to keep our websites within
the law in both the U.S.A. and U.K. If you cannot, or are not willing to, agree to ALL of the following
there is no point in pursuing your interest.

                 1). You must be at least 18 years old, and be prepared for your face and breasts to be shown.

                 2). You must be prepared to sign a document giving us permission to publish all images / video footage which feature you.

                 3). You must allow us to copy your Passport and Driving Licence and hold these copies on file.

                 4). To apply, you need to send us 2 pictures - 1 of your face, and 1 of you topless (not for publication).

If you are happy with all of the above, please click on the Questionnaire link below to give us some information about yourself.

We will only telephone you if we have agreed a mutually convenient time by text or email.